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For Submitting Grant Proposals


The Blumenthal Foundation was established in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1953. The Foundation provides grants for seed money, annual operating support, capital campaigns, conferences and seminars, special projects and endowments.


The Foundation considers grant requests from the Charlotte region in the following areas: Arts and Science, Civic and Community, Education, Environment, Foundation Affiliates, Health and Human Services, Jewish Religious, Religious, and Social Sciences.


The present policy of the Foundation is to make grants only to non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organizations and institutions that are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or to a governmental agency. No grants are made to individuals for any purpose.


A proposal should be brief and in letter form and should be signed by an authorized official of the petitioning organization. Only one copy of the proposal should be submitted. The first paragraph of the proposal should state the specific amount and the purpose of the request, and the proposal should contain:

1. The mission statement of the organization.

2. A concise description of the program/project, and how it fits with the

    mission of the organization.

3. Total cost of the program/project and duration.

4. Funds on hand or pledged from other sources.

5. Other sources being contacted for funding and for what amount.

6. A plan for evaluation stating the desired results and how they will be


7. The phone number where a contact person for the project may be reached

    during normal business hours.

8. Indicate to whom a check is to be made payable.


A line-item budget for the specific program/project for which funding is being requested, if applicable, and a budget for the organization's total operations including expected income and expenditures.

A list of the governing board of the petitioning organization.

A copy of the federal certification letter granting charitable status to the petitioning organization under Code Section 501(c)(3), except in the case of governmental agencies and churches.


The Board of Trustees of the Foundation meets quarterly to consider grant applications.

Please address all proposals to:

Mr. Philip Blumenthal


P.O. Box 34689

Charlotte, NC 28234-4689

Telephone: 704-688-2305

Fax: 704-688-2301


The Blumenthal Foundation

P.O. Box 34689

Charlotte, NC 28234-4689

  704-688-2305 • 704-688-2301 (FAX)


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